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Company Profile

This company was started in 1960 in Istanbul to undertake construction projects and was renamed Erkan Group of Companies in 1980.

Many projects of distinguished living spaces built and many original concepts designed by Erkan Insaat prove its success as a developer of innovative projects meeting the specifications required.

In addition to the building industry, this group is experienced in the mining sector too, its group company Erkan Insaat Madencilik ve Dis Ticaret A.S. was started in 1960 in Kemerburgaz district of Istanbul to run a coal mine and is now a major player.

Expanding to the tea industry in 1990, this group built a 1,600 m2 tea plant processing factory on a field of 2.2 km2 in Kendirli borough, Rize province, which now processes 120 tons of tea per day to provide considerable contribution to this industry.

Thanks to its half century experience, Erkan Group of Companies keeps on doing successful business in the mining, tourism and consulting industries.

In addition to realizing high quality projects creating value-added for Turkey and contributing to its economy, Erkan Group of Companies supports education, culture and arts through its social responsibility projects. As the Turkish economy rises and improves, Erkan Group of Companies maintains its role as a pioneer by serving this country with its vast experience.