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Corporate Policies


Our principle of “high quality life for everybody” is applied together with our commitment to not making concession on the standards to ensure continuous improvement at all stages ranging from designing a project to turn-key delivery of it. Therefore we have EN 14000 and EN 18000 quality certificates. Our quality policy is to meet all expectations of customers at both construction and completion stages.In the light of these principles, we aim to:

  • Train this group’s staff to increase their skills and understanding of quality;
  • Rxpand our business volume by ensuring this group’s teams to work in harmony;
  • Cooperate in harmony with our solution partners through continuous improvement and exchange of ideas.

  • We commit:To support protection of the environment in accordance with our principle of “respect for environmental, historical and cultural nature” in accordance with the applicable domestic and international laws and regulations by cooperating with governmental authorities and communicating with the community;
  • To adopt the principle of reducing consumption and pollution in using raw materials and energy, choosing technology, erecting and operating construction sites, and using natural resources, and protecting the environment by reducing wastes and recycling them in order to make them useable for the economy, in accordance with the rules of ISO 14001
  • Environmental Management System;To set new objectives and targets every year for improving our environmental management system; to provide training and to perform activities to encourage protection of the environment and human health; and to give priority to the environment factor.


    This group’s main objectives include maintenance of occupational health and safety of its employees and continuous improvement of its workplaces in order to construct all kinds of infrastructures and buildings at the highest quality level. For this purpose this company commits to:

  • Take measures to prevent or minimize occupational health and safety (OHS) risks;follow all laws and regulations applicable to OHS;
  • train all employees to make them aware of their individual responsibilities for OHS;
  • review our OHS policy at regular intervals to ensure it to meet present requirements and to improve our OHS system on a continuous basis;
  • exchange experience on OHS with public sector entities, private sector entities and non-governmental organizations.
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