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  • piece: 63 DAİRE
  • location: GAYRETTEPE
  • investor: ERKAN İNŞAAT
  • developer: ERKAN İNŞAAT
  • starting date: 01.02.2014
  • delivery date: 01.04.2015
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The Leos Residence marries the concept of residence with comfort of house to provide luxurious services in the heart of Istanbul.Interior architecture of The Leos Residence was designed in three different styles i.e. Natural, Retro and Grunge to enable its guests to choose and to create interiors spaces emphasizing wide and comfortable living spaces.

Natural: Colors in light and pastel tones were selected to prefer the natural instead of the superficial. The most natural tones of wood were combined with the natural softness of fabric to create a serene and illumined style serving one’s inner peace.

Retro: Colors and geometric motifs of the 1960s and 1970s were united with today’s modernism and future modernism to design entertaining interior spaces.

Grunge: Bright and matt colors were contrasted with dark colors to create a magnificent harmony. Combinations of glass with mirror, leather with velvet, and metal with dark natural marble were emphasized in soft-hard, hot-cold and bright shadows in an ambitious and charismatic atmosphere to make you dazzle with the harmony of opposites.


1+1 and 2+1 apartments, meeting halls and health center/spa equipped with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and equipment.

Every apartment contains:

  • Samsung 3D HD LED television set
  • Siemens household appliances
  • Dunlopillo beds
  • Custom-built furniture
  • Interactive IP TV system
  • Fiber optic Wi-Fi Internet service
  • All fine details of luxury, comfort and ease were designed and provided for you at The Leos Residence.


    The Leos Residence, distinguished with its central location and carpark, provides you with fast and easy access to entertainment, shopping and business areas of Istanbul.

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